Resident Awards

Dedicated to excellence in practice, teaching and research in forensic psychiatry

Midwest AAPL is pleased to announce the continuation of the Resnick Scholarships, Margolis Scholarships, and the Mossman Research Award to support residents‘ attendance at the 2024 Annual Meeting. What are the Resnick and Margolis Scholarships? Named to honor our esteemed senior colleagues Phillip J. Resnick M.D., Phillip Margolis, M.D., and Douglas Mossman M.D., these scholarships are stipends awarded each year to 3-5 residents to help them defray costs of attending the Annual Meeting.

The Resnick Scholar Award is a merit-based award bestowed upon trainees who have demonstrated a strong record of achievement and interest in forensic psychiatry.  PGY3, PGY4 and non-forensic psychiatry fellows from programs in the United States are eligible.  We will have TWO Resnick Scholars in 2024.  The award will cover the cost of the meeting registration and a $250 stipend to be used for travel and accommodations.

The Margolis Travel Scholarship is an award established to encourage PGY1 and PGY2 residents with Midwest connections (training in, or planning to do a fellowship or working in the Midwest post-graduation), get exposure in the field of forensic psychiatry.  We will have THREE Margolis Travel Scholars in 2024.  The award will cover the cost of the meeting registration and a $250 stipend to be used for travel and accommodations. 

In addition, we are proud to announce the Douglas Mossman Trainee and Early-Career Research Award! This award is in honor of Dr. Douglas Mossman, one of the best teachers and educators in the field of forensic psychiatry.

The Mossman Research Award recognizes scholarship in forensic psychiatry.  Senior trainees (PGY3 and above inclusive of all fellows) and early career forensic psychiatrists (five or less years out of forensic fellowship) who have completed or who are in the process of working on forensic psychiatry research projects are eligible.  ONE Mossman Award winner will be selected in 2024. 

Award applications are due via email to

Deadline:  Monday, January 15, 2024 5p.m.

Questions can also be emailed to Michelle Hume at

2023 Award Recipients

Resnick Award

Dr. Brianna Engelson 

Dr. Marianela Rosales Gerpe 

Margolis Award

Dr. Jonas Attilus 

Dr. Chase Hiller 

Dr. William Nolan 

Mossman Award

Dr. Kyle Webster 

2022 Award Recipients

Resnick Scholar Award
Jose Bou Nassif, M.D.
Monika Pietrzak, M.D., J.D.

Margolis Travel Scholarship Award
Brianna Engelson, M.D.
Samuel Rosenblatt, M.D.
Harshit Sharma, M.B.B.S.

Mossman Research Award
Douglas Mossman Trainee and Early-Career Research Award

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MWAAPL shares a mission with our parent organization AAPL to promote scientific and educational activities in forensic psychiatry through resident awards, mentorship, scholarly collaboration and an annual high-quality meeting.


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