Past Presidents

Dedicated to excellence in practice, teaching and research in forensic psychiatry

Abhishek Jain, MD (2022-2023)
Megan Testa, MD (2021-2022)
Celestine DeTrana, MD (2019-2021)
Douglas R. Morris, MD (2018-19)
Delaney Smith, MD (2017-18)
Lawrence Jeckel, MD (2016-17)
Sherif Soliman, MD (2015-16)
Cathleen Cerny, MD. (2014-15)
James Reynolds, MD (2013-14)
Susan Hatters-Friedman, MD (2012-13)
Philip Pan, MD (2011-12)
Joy Stankowski, MD (2010-11)
Maureen Hackett, MD (2009-10)
Henry Conroe, MD (2008-09)
Susan Pearlson, MD (2007-08)
James K. Wolfson, MD (2006-07)
William Cardasis, MD (2005-06)
Linda F. Gruenberg, DO (2004-05)
Douglas Mossman, MD (2003-04)
Stephen Noffsinger, MD (2002-03)
Philip M. Margolis, MD (2001-02)
Stephen H. Dinwiddie, MD (2000-01)
Karen E. Bruggemeyer, MD (1999-2000)
Sean H. Yutzy, MD (1998-99)
Dallas D. Erdmann, MD (1997-98)
Anthony J. Marchlewski, MD (1996-97)
Steven H. Berger, MD (1995-96)
Daniel W. Hardy, MD, JD (1994-95)
Kathryn A. Burns, MD (1993-94)
Jonathan R. Kelly, MD (1992-93)
Gary J. Maier, MD (1991-92)
William S. Logan, MD (1990-91)
Bruce E. Harry, MD (1989-90)
Robert D. Miller, MD, PhD (1988-89)
Lynn W. Blunt, MD (1987-88)
James L. Cavanaugh, Jr., MD (1986-87)
Helen L. Morrison, MD (1985-86)
Emanuel Tanay, MD (1984-85)
Phillip J. Resnick, MD (1983-84 )

About Us

MWAAPL shares a mission with our parent organization AAPL to promote scientific and educational activities in forensic psychiatry through resident awards, mentorship, scholarly collaboration and an annual high-quality meeting.


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