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Current President
Philip Saragoza, MD

Philip Saragoza is a board-certified forensic psychiatrist and an adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan. He is a threat assessment consultant at Work Trauma Services, Inc., where he conducts assessments, case consultations and threat assessment training for corporate and campus clients globally. Dr. Saragoza has a private practice as a clinical and forensic psychiatrist in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he also works as the psychiatric consultant for the University’s disability management program and the University health system’s employee assistance program. Through these agencies and others, he conducts assessments related to workplace violence risk, fitness for duty, claims of workplace harassment, and psychiatric disability. Dr. Saragoza also teaches and supervises residents and fellows in forensic psychiatry.

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Abhishek Jain, MD (2022)
Megan Testa, MD (2021)
Celestine DeTrana, MD (2019-2020)
Douglas R. Morris, MD (2018-19)
Delaney Smith, MD (2017-18)
Lawrence Jeckel, MD (2016-17)
Sherif Soliman, MD (2015-16)
Cathleen Cerny, MD. (2014-15)
James Reynolds, MD (2013-14)
Susan Hatters-Friedman, MD (2012-13)
Philip Pan, MD (2011-12)
Joy Stankowski, MD (2010-11)

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MWAAPL shares a mission with our parent organization AAPL to promote scientific and educational activities in forensic psychiatry through resident awards, mentorship, scholarly collaboration and an annual high-quality meeting.


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