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August 2023

August 2023

Karen Reimers, MD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Central Florida

While living in Minneapolis, I attended the 2016 AAPL meeting in Portland and first stumbled upon MWAAPL. Dr. Jim Reynolds was organizing and preparing for the upcoming 2017 MWAAPL meeting in Kansas City. He mentioned that he was looking for program speakers. Too shy to say anything in front of the entire group, I later approached him and volunteered to give a lecture about geriatric forensic evaluations, a topic I had become interested in through my clinical work in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Jim enthusiastically supported my ideas, invited me to speak, and has since offered his ongoing invaluable collegial guidance. Building on that lecture, in 2019 I published my first book, The Clinician’s Guide to Geriatric Forensic Evaluations. I am continually applying insights from MWAAPL experiences in my expert witness practice focusing on undue influence and testamentary capacity.

Years later, I still feel honored and excited that I had the opportunity to give a full lecture on geriatric forensic evaluations to an expert audience that I did not yet know, in the formal context of the MWAAPL meeting. That positive experience helped me find my voice and launch an exciting new chapter in my career journey. Thanks Jim!

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