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May 2023

May 2023

Come to the Table

Christopher Marett, M.D., M.P.H.

Associate Professor and Director of Forensic Psychiatry

University of Cincinnati Department of Psychiatry

The 2023 Midwest AAPL meeting featured the presentation “Come to the Table: Partnering in Rural Public Health, Psychiatry, and Criminal Justice.” University of Cincinnati Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dr. John Henning, Adams County Behavioral Health Director Danielle Poe, and Adams County Judge Brett Spencer discussed a unique program enacted to meet the needs of Adams County residents.

Adams County is a rural, Appalachian area of Ohio known for its friendly people and beautiful natural landscapes. Unfortunately, it has experienced high rates of poverty paired with limited access to mental health and other medical care. Ms. Poe, Judge Spencer, and other key stakeholders have worked tirelessly to help bring opportunity and close these gaps.

One part of this work has been development of a partnership between the Adams County Health Department and the University of Cincinnati Department of Psychiatry. This partnership began in October 2020 with resident, fellow, and attending psychiatrists partnering to see patients via telehealth through the Adams County Health Department, Jail, and Probation Services. Since then, it has served hundreds of people and had positive impacts on health, employment, and the legal system.

The program offers trainees a unique opportunity to gain experience in rural and correctional settings and in the provision of telehealth. As supervisors, Drs. Henning and Marett offer live supervision and teaching via telehealth. Since the clinic’s inception, it has expanded to offer case management services, psychology, child and adolescent psychiatric services, and soon it will include remote forensic evaluations.

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